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Annual Reports

These official UN documents describe each year's World Space Week celebration.  They are compiled by World Space Week Association based on reports from participants around the world and are published by the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs.  Please click below to download these documents.

2010 Annual Report    (1M PDF)

2009 Annual Report  (1M PDF)

2008 Annual Report   (1M PDF)

2007 Annual Report     (5M PDF)

2006 Annual Report    (3.5M PDF)

2005 Annual Report    (3.5M PDF)

2004 Annual Report   (1.1M PDF)

2003 Annual Report  (1.9M PDF)

2002 Annual Report  (1.4M PDF)

2001 Annual Report  (0.9M PDF)

2000 Annual Report  (2.8M PDF)

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