Event ID:  11154
Contact Name:  Zelentsov Victor
Contact Email:  ysc@bmstu.ru
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Organization:  Youth Space Center
Event Web Site:  http://ysc.sm.bmstu.ru/
Dates:  7th October 2016 to 7th October 2016
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
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Country:  Russia
State/Province:  Moscow
City:  Moscow
Event Name:  The excursion for school students
Event Description:  Excursion on departments which design spacecraft and launch vehicles. Familiarization with the lander, "Soyuz" and a lecture in the student Mission control center.
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Report on the Results:  An excursion related to human flight to space took place at 7 Octobre in Special Machinery department. Lecture's speech was about Soyuz Descend Module (real example is mounted in the hall of SM building), its life support system and human flights in general. Second part was about remote Earth sensing, which may be carried out using equipment of Bauman Mission control center for small satellites.
Attendance:  30
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Media Impressions:  50
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