Event ID:  16678
Contact Name:  Janet Ivey
Contact Email:  janet@janetsplanet.com
Contact Phone:  +1 615-415-9785
Organization:  Janet\'s Planet, Inc.
Event Web Site:  http://janetsplanet.com/world-space-week-voyager-going-interstellar-poster-competition/
Dates:  3rd October 2017 to 9th October 2017
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Type:  On-line
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Country:  Global
Event Name:  Celebrating Voyager with the 40th Anniversary Voyager Going Interstellar Competition!
Event Description:  ENGLISH The Voyager: Going Interstellar Poster Contest Contest: In celebration of the Voyager program’s 40th anniversary, students from every corner of the globe are invited to participate in the Voyager, Going Interstellar Poster Contest. Voyager: Going Interstellar posters will be judged on content of the mission’s complete history, the discoveries of both spacecraft, and their timelines. Devise and design your own poster/infographic. http://janetsplanet.com/world-space-week-voyager-going-interstellar-poster-competition/
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