Event ID:  18489
Contact Name:  RAUMFAHRTJAHR bremen/ BREMEN 2018 Space Year
Contact Email:  kontakt@sternstunden2018.de
Contact Phone:  barbara.cembella@aviaspace-bremen.de
Organization:  TEAM GERMANY City of BREMEN
Event Web Site:  http://www.bremen.de/wissenschaft/sternstunden-2018
Dates:  11th January 2018 to 28th December 2018
Type:  Public
Country:  Germany
State/Province:  Bremen
City:  Bremen
Location:  City of Bremen
Event Name:  #CITYOFSPACE2018
Event Description:  The Bremen Space Year STERNSTUNDEN 2018 https://www.iac2018.org/bremen-space-year Visitors can look forward to more than 100 events – including rare and in part, exclusive, glimpses behind the scenes of aerospace companies and institutions, exciting events in Bremen’s cultural and creative scene, exhibitions, competitions and collaborative projects, children and youth events and of course, dialog sessions between space experts and the public. At IAC itself, you can soak up the congress atmosphere. And we can reveal this much: There’ll be a pupils’ congress, a Public Day and numerous open lectures are being planned.
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