Event ID:  19605
Contact Name:  Meeli Mets
Contact Email:  meeli.mets@gmail.com
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Organization:  Värska Gümnaasium
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Dates:  1st October 2018 to 4th October 2018
Type:  School
Country:  Estonia
Event Name:  Temporary exhibition
Event Description:  THIS IS AN SCHOOL EVENT ONLY Researchers from UT Tartu Observatory have put together an exhibition to introduce the importance of ecological balance through the use of modern space applications - satellite-based remote sensing. Remote sensing is an essential tool for understanding the world around us. Surrounding satellites allow us to see our home planet very concisely. Today, satellites are used in a wide range of areas, for example, for the mapping of fires, floods and ice conditions. The exhibition is made specially for schools for introducing the use of remote sensing in modern science.
Report on the Results:  The temporary exhibition got the attendance of over 110 pupils. The exhibition was supported by videos with worksheets (in Estonian).
Attendance:  130
Media Impressions:  200
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