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Contact Email:  bookings@birrcastle.com
Contact Phone:  086 858 1550
Organization:  Birr Scientific & Heritage Foundation
Event Web Site:  www.birrcastle.com
Dates:  8th October 2010 to 10th October 2010
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Ireland
State/Province:  Co. Offaly
City:  Birr
Location:  Dooly's Hotel, Birr, Co. Offaly
Event Name:  Birr Whirlpool Star Party
Event Description:  The weekend event presents talks from eminent Irish and Internationally based astronomers and space scientists, covering both topical astronomical research and general interest subjects. Delivered at a level that can be appreciated by both the amateur and professional alike. The Whirlpool Star Party brings the Universe to you in an informal yet informative manner. Programme Saturday 9th Oct 10.00hrs Opening of WSP at Birr 2010 weekend, 7th Earl of Rosse. 10.15hrs The role of Supernovae in Modern Cosmology, Tom Boles 11.30hrs Black Holes, Black Magic and Interstellar Travel, Prof John Brown Break for lunch and castle activities 16.15hrs Robotic Telescope Farms, a better use of smaller apertures, Dr Niall Smith 17.30hrs Solar Storms and Space Weather, Dr Lyndsay Fletcher 20.45hrs The Rosse Observatory, Dr Peter Gallagher Sunday 10th Oct 10.00hrs VERITAS, Dr John Quinn 11.15hrs Earth in Space, Jerry Stone Weather permitting, we head to Birr Castle Demesne after dinner on Saturday evening to observe the celestial delights of the late summer and early autumn skies of Earth’s northern hemisphere. Enjoy your first celestial sight, or compare views in various instruments. You don’t need to have a telescope or binoculars; the spirit of Whirlpool is such that everyone can get to see the sky though the instruments others bring. Such is the comradeship of the astronomers at WSP – “we just love to show you the skies." Venue: Dooleys Hotel, Birr, Co Offaly Admission: Full Weekend Admission: €40.00 Single Day Only* Admission: €30.00 Student (with id card): €25.00 Under 16: Free Saturday Night Dinner (informal): Adult €30.00 Under 16: €15.00 *Applies either Saturday or Sunday **Entry to Birr Castle Demesne and Ireland's Historic Science Centre included in above rates. Please obtain tickets on the weekend from WSP admission desk, Dooleys Hotel, Birr. For further information, please contact: Tony O'Hanlon on 086 858 1550 or Michael Murphy on 087 900 8198
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