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Event ID:  2293
Contact Name:  Zoran Tomic
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Contact Phone:  +381642032417
Organization:  Astronomical Society Eureka
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Dates:  4th October 2010 to 9th October 2010
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
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Country:  Serbia
State/Province:  Serbia
City:  Krusevac
Location:  Toplicina 1, Gimnazija Krusevac
Event Name:  Svemir u Krusevcu
Event Description:  From 4th do 8th October we are organizing a series of lectures about space and astronomy. Some of the topics include: ethnoastronomy, Astrobiology, black holes, constellations etc.. 9th October we organize science festival called "Days of Eureka", where astronomy and our society have an important role. That day we organize lectures on astronomy from the chair (how to use internet to observe the skies, doing workshop in which we calculate the depth of the craters of the Moon, organize the test in basic astronomy etc. At the end of the day we put out our telescopes so that citizens can observe interesting objects that will be that night on the skies, like Jupiter, Uranus, M31, M13, etc. and they will learn something about the constellations, how to recognize them, etc.
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Report on the Results:  In Krusevac from 4th to 9th October realized a series of lectures and interesting activities on astronomy. From 4th to 8th October there were a lectures held each day at 1:45 PM for high school students. High school students had the opportunity to listen to their friends and their lectures on the following topics: David Todorov - Astrobiology Sasha Djordjevic - Black holes Chris Gvozdenović - Ethnoastronomy Paul Grković - Time Lazar Stankovic and Stefan Radovanovic - Cassini Mission The last lecture was intended primarily to familiarize students with the Cassini mission, which it does, what its goals are and what are future plans, to prepare them for writing an essay contest on "Become a Cassini Scientist for a Day". Every day there were about 15 students to listen these lectures. On Saturday, 9th October, apart from the activities of astronomy in the "Svemir u Krusevacu" event, Krusevac High School organized the first Festival of Science entitled "Days of Eureka." Astronomy was very popular, primarily because PhD Milan Dimitrijevic and PhD Luka Popovic visited Krusevac and did interesting lectures. Milan Dimitrijevic spoke on "The secret of great silence of extraterrestrial civilizations," where he explained to visitors why we still do not see an extraterrestrial civilization, if so, what kind of civilization should exist, their levels of development, but also something about the famous Drake Equation and SETI program. Luka Popovic gave a lecture on "Exotic objects and phenomena in the Universe". These two lectures were the most visited at this festival. Next the audience heard something about "Astronomy from the chair", ie. how to use modern communications technologies in observational astronomy. We just need to have good and fast internet, good computer, a Java application and a little time. The lecture was held by Zoran Tomic and Milutin Spasic, winners of 100 hours of telescope in Canada, which awarded the company Astronomical Society "Eureka" organized test in short-course basics of astronomy. The test did 22 students, most of them from high school, but there was few from primary schools. All of them have passed the test and there remains yet to publish the final results, of course, when the Commission review the tests, and to organize award of diplomas. We expect from all participants to continue to be interested in astronomy and to attend the next course which will be organized. The biggest attraction was mobile planetarium. It is a mobile planetarium that Serbia received from the UNESCO organization as a tool for promoting science and astronomy, due to MSc Nataša Stanic effort to write the project. The lecturer was Goran Pavicic from AD "Ruder Boskovic". The atmosphere in the planetarium is impossible to describe with the words and lectures were interesting. We hope that the planetarium again visit Krusevac and will be more people interested to visit it.
Attendance:  300
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