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Dates:  9th October 2018 to 9th October 2018
Type:  Public
Country:  Croatia
City:  Đakovo
Event Name:  Lecture "Life in Orbit" Goran Nikolašević
Event Description:  Public lecture "Life in Obit" Goran Nikolašević
Report on the Results:  The first part deals with the World Space Week in the world and Croatia, the history of human space-based flights, the first spacecraft to transport astronaut to the universe, the basis of the missile formula, and the launch of a missile to a low earth orbit, major space stations and astronauts at the International Space station (ISS). The second part of the lecture follows the viewing of video footage recorded at the International Space Station, for example: how astronauts go to the toilet in the best condition, how to maintain personal hygiene, how to sleep, how to eat and the like. At the end of the lecture the audience asked questions. The students from Primary school Drenje, PO Slatinik Drenjski were very pleased with the lecture, especially with the videos of life in the universe.
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