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Contact Name:  Swarnika
Contact Email:  pharma@madridge.com
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Dates:  1st July 2019 to 2nd August 2019
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Spain
City:  Valencia
Location:  Olympia Hotel, Events & Spa, Carrer Mestre Serrano, 3, 46120, Alboraya, Valencia, Spain
Event Name:  2nd International Pharma Conference and Expo
Event Description:  2nd International Pharma Conference and Expo is going to be held during August 1-2, 2019 at Valencia, Spain Pharma-2019 conference includes all the areas of research that aims to improve human health and longevity by determining the relevance to human diseases through novel and scientific discoveries available for practical application, especially in relation to biological sciences, life sciences, medicine and engineering. Pharma-2019 The aim of our conference was to create for a forum for healthcare Professionals to make connections and build resources. However, additional aims that make taking on the organisation of a conference worthwhile might include: • It is a great learning experience • It is an impressive achievement to put on your CV • It is a good opportunity to network and become better known in your chosen field • It could be a way of influencing or bringing about change on a wide scale Pharma-2019 Includes Plenary lectures, Keynote lectures and short courses by eminent personalities from around the world in addition to contributed papers both oral and poster presentations. This International Pharma Conference and Expo is a gathering of experts, professionals, academicians and researchers from all over the world. Meet Pharma experts, strengthen and update your ideas on Pharma industry at Pharma-2019.
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Attendance:  100
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