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Event ID:  3341
Contact Name:  Norbert Frischauf
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Organization:  Austrian Space Forum WF
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Dates:  11th October 2011 to 11th October 2011
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Austria
State/Province:  Vienna
City:  Vienna
Location:  Television broadcast
Event Name:  Energy & Physics- 20 Years of AUSTROMIR: Yesterday and Tomorrow
Event Description:  Special television broadcast to 50 years of human space flight, 30 years of Space Shuttle, 20 years of AUSTROMIR, Austrian exclusive human space mission. Norbert Frischauf (high energy physisist and space craft engineer) and his guests Barbara Imhof (space architect, LSG), Christian Feichtinger (technical manager AUSTROMIR, ESA/IAF), Gernot Grmer (analog austronaut, WF) Johannes Ortner (former director of the Austrian Space Agency)and Franz Viehbck (AUSTROMIR Kosmonaut) discuss many questions of the AUSTROMIR Mission, lessons learnt and give a forecast to the future of space missions.
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Media Impressions:  30000
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