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Event ID:  3948
Contact Name:  Mohammed Nasser Al-Shahrani
Contact Email:  MOH696@HOTMAIL.COM
Contact Phone:  00966500765400
Organization:  chemistry teacher
Event Web Site:
Dates:  6th October 2012 to 10th October 2012
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Saudi Arabia
State/Province:  Saudi Arabia
City:  Asir Rjalalma
Location:  Saudi Arabia
Event Name:  ((Report of the World Space Week))
Event Description:  ((Report of the World Space Week)) Al-FAHD secondary school in Alharidh Saudi Arabia Kingdom Execution time / Saturday October 6, 2012 - Wednesday October 10, 2012 The place of performance / school Slogan week/ Space For Human Safety & Security October 4-10,2012 ((Report of the World Space Week)) President of the General Assembly of the World Space Week, After greeting We offer you the software port of World Space Week, which his school (al-FAHD in Alharidh) of the Department of Education district (Rejaal Almaa), Asir Province, Saudi Arabia Our school is located in the southwestern part of the Arabian Peninsula which is overlooking the Red Sea Associate number 350 people between student and teacher, We are loving all what is good for mankind, we know all too well the tremendous efforts made by space scientists around the world to live in peace with the universe in which we live, Space world full of secrets, and we hope to be in one of the two days of offering achievements and participate in the discovery, We joined the world to activate World Space Week, which is keen on implementing countries, institutions and organizations and members of its relevance and usefulness, We were delighted when we participated and raised the slogan for this occasion, Our small town and its inhabitants are limited and the nearest Space Society in Jeddah away from us more than (350 miles), but this is not an obstacle for us to participate we have worked our best to ensure that we on this occasion able scientific, We know we're not the only ones to participate and may not be the best gotta changed our tremendous potential and big but enough that we fundamentally in space to read and look at and craftworks and we wanted to be present in this scientific event, So we hope for mankind security and safety efforts astronauts and space scientists, Do not forget your encouragement to us means a lot to us a lot and that was to send our thanks and appreciation, We appreciate your work and effort .... Signature: Your friends (Al-Fahd secondary school) students in Saudi Arabia supervision a chemistry teacher / Mohammed Nasser Al-Shahrani Tel: 00966599765400
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Report on the Results:  Al-Fahd School participated in Aharidh of the Department of Education district brightest men in World Space Week, organized under the slogan: Space For Human Safety & Security October 4-10,2012 And celebrate many Atoualemassat and organizations and at the individual level as well. The week aims to stimulate emerging and young people to increase their knowledge of space and the vigorous effort of school teachers under the supervision of scientific activity for secondary Fahd in collaboration with the Astronomy Society in Jeddah, It is noteworthy that the United Nations was announced World Space Week from 4 to 10 October each year, and the reason for choosing a date specifically due to the launch of the first satellite of the man-made Earth orbit was on October 4, 1957, a Moon (Sputnik) Add to that the firstouter space Treaty began on 10 October 1967. Steps to implement the program • Meeting of the headmaster / Mohammed Amer, a chemistry teacher teacher / Mohammed al-Shahrani and official activities, teacher / Abdullah Mtma and determine the perceptions of the implementation of the program. • announcement of the week for school students and encourage them to take part. • Communicate with the Jeddah Astronomy Society and World Space Week. • Student Club meeting chaired asked about school teacher / Shahrani and then assigned a group of students prepare weekly initial plan to implement the program. • Processing corner of the Science Club and a place for workshops for the program • Processing headquarters teacher sources and means of presentation, references and books for the implementation of the program. • Develop slogan week on the front of the pulpit and radio advertising for the school wall. Tools and equipment required for the implementation of the program • Tables in the form of cooperative learning groups and workshops. • scientific contents of the space CD / DVDs / plates / images / billboards with the slogan week. • Stationery and professionalism to work models. • Models satellite help. • excellent prizes for students participating in the program. Scientific references and support for the implementation of the program • the school library. • sources of learning in school under the supervision of the teacher / Ayed al-Asiri. •www. Astronomical Society in Jeddah. • www.World Space Week.COM •www. NASA.COM
Attendance:  350
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