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Event ID:  414
Contact Name:  Marius-Ioan Piso
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Contact Phone:  ++40 21 3168722
Organization:  Romanian Space Agency and Romanian Academy
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Dates:  4th October 2007 to 4th October 2007
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Romania
State/Province:  Bucharest
City:  Bucharest
Location:  Romanian Academy
Event Name:  50 Years of Space Age
Event Description:  Founded in 1866, the Romanian Academy is Romania
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Report on the Results:  Acad. Ion Paun Otiman, General Secretary of the Academy, opened the session, then Acad. Virgiliu Nicolae Constantinescu, the President of the Technology Branch, spoke of five decades of remarkable achievements. Dr. Eng. Anton Anton, the President of the National Authority for Scientific Research followed, asking and answering the question Is Romania in the Space Research Club ?. The next speaker was Dr. Marius-Ioan Piso, the President of the Romanian Space Agency, who introduced ROSA and the National Space Programme. Other notable speakers were Deputy Liviu Nistoran, President of the Space Sub-Commission in the lower chamber of the Romanian Parliament (European Inter-parliamentary Conference on Space), Dr. Dumitru Hasegan of the Institute for Space Sciences (35 Years of Romanian Presence on the Circumterrestrial Orbit) and Dr. Ion Victor Pescaru, Scientific Director of the National Authority for Meteorology (Operational Space Applications: Meteorology).
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