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Event ID:  4514
Contact Name:  Reception Desk
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Contact Phone:  +353 21 4357917
Organization:  CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory
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Dates:  4th October 2013 to 10th October 2013
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Ireland
State/Province:  Munster
City:  Cork
Event Name:  World Space Week 2013
Event Description:  World Space Week 2013 “Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth” World Space Week 2013 is all about what many consider the Next Frontier: the planet Mars. Humanity is quickly conquering this new frontier. Mars Curiosity is the largest rover ever brought to another planet, discovering new features of the Red Planet every day. In 2018 the first people will get a chance to see the planet from up close through Dennis Tito’s Inspiration Mars fly-by mission, while several organizations are planning the first manned landing mission, sometime in the next two decades. Celebrate World Space Week with us…. October 4 | First Fridays at the Castle | 18:00 – 22:00 Explore Mars: find out about the red planet in our Martian Mystery 30 minute workshops. This will be followed by a talk with Kevin Nolan from the Irish Planetary Society which will delve into the relevance of Mars exploration past, present and future. ************************************************** October 7 – 11 | DPS&M Mars Mysteries Workshops – Primary Schools Only Exploring the planet Mars, this workshop looks at how it is like the Earth and how it is very different. Make your own Martian craters and river channels. Workshops last 2 to 2.5 hours and will give you “Part 3″ of the Discover Primary Science & Maths Award of Excellence Most suitable for 3rd class and up. Max 35 people including teachers Booking essential. €5.00/student. ************************************************** October 8 | SpacePals To celebrate World Space Week the first of a series of live Project Tara meet ups between Cork school children and students from Ormondale Elementary in Portola Valley will take place at 17:00. The children will meet their group peers through a Google Hangout and link up for the first time as SpacePals. SpacePals is an Irish-American Project TARA social experiment which uses digital learning networks for learning through astronomy. Project TARA is inspired by Newgrange, one of the oldest astronomically aligned sites on Earth, close to the Hill of Tara & dating back 5000 years. Using this rich astronomical heritage and long standing culture of looking at the stars CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory has installed a robotic telescope in the San Francisco Bay Area which connects schools in Cork and California. SpacePals will be using Project TARA to observe the night sky across time zones. The students will share their learning through blogging treasure hunts of astronomical objects as well building relationships about what it means to be a student in the 21st century Digital Age. ************************************************** October 9 | TARA to take a picture of Juno TARA, our robotic telescope in California will attempt the tall order of spotting the 20 m wide spinning Juno probe. Juno, launched back in 2011, makes a gravity assist flyby in early October. Closest approach is October 9 ( a mere 559 km above the south Atlantic Ocean), but we will try to take a pic in the week after as it heads off to Jupiter.” ************************************************** October 11 | Launch of our Live Astronomy Planetarium Shows Discover the sky- planets, constellations, the Milky Way and more in our 15 minute tours of the sky on that day followed by a pre-recorded astro show called ‘Losing the Dark’
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Report on the Results:  World Space Week Report – Cork, Ireland 7 events took place at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory for WSW2013 giving almost 400 people a great insight into astronomy and space. On Oct 4, we hosted over 200 attendees for First Fridays at the Castle where families and members of the general public undertook workshops on the Red Planet. This was followed by a very informative talk by Kevin Nolan from the Irish Planetary Society. A highlight of the week for us was engaging with 140 primary school students during our Mars Mysteries Workshop. Students carried out hands on exploration of cratering and they had lots of questions: Just how do big craters get formed? Is it from large asteroids or from fast asteroids hitting a planet? How can we find out? Is this a good way of modelling? During SpacePals 40 transatlantic students conversed with each other on their interests in space and personal interests in preparation for their joint usage of and projects on TARA – our robotic telescope which will stimulate interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in thousands of students in Ireland and California.
Attendance:  400
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