Event ID:  7204
Contact Name:  Kgethang Thakamakau
Contact Email:  motsamait78@gmail.com
Contact Phone:  +27849254779
Organization:  Thakamakau Enterprises Incorporated (Pty) Ltd
Event Web Site:  http://www.
Dates:  3rd October 2014 to 9th October 2014
Type:  Private
Country:  Sudan
State/Province:  Free State
City:  Odendaalsrus
Event Name:  Space: \'\'Guiding your way\'\'
Event Description:  The Following activities would be offered to the public and learners by the collaborators: University of Pretoria: A variety of digital presentations, ranging from topics such as human and robotic space light, planetary exploration, astronomical themes such as the solar system, mars, zoom journey to the stars 2 Hours South African National Space Agency (SANSA): Presentations at the ground station on space introducing SANSA’s activities followed by the guided tour of the facility culminating in the high security operations room and photo session by the satellites dishes 2 Hours Square Kilometer Array (SKA): Presentations on deploying thousands of radio telescopes, in three unique configurations, that will enable astronomers to monitor the sky in unprecedented detail and survey the entire sky thousands of times faster than any system currently in existence All day activities repeated Association for Mathematics of South Africa (AMESA): A multimedia presentation show at taxi ranks and mall on constellations and stars activities, on how they affect our daily livelihoods. All day activities repeated
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