Event ID:  8041
Contact Name:  Alemiye Mamo
Contact Email:  esssoutreach@gmail.com
Contact Phone:  +251-118-961050
Organization:  Ethiopian Space Science Society(ESSS) & Entoto Observatory & Research Center(EO)
Event Web Site:  http://www.ethiosss.org.et/ www.eo.org.et
Dates:  18th October 2014 to 18th October 2014
Type:  Public
Country:  Ethiopia
City:  Addis Ababa
Event Name:  Spcae : Guiding your Way
Event Description:  The celebration of world space week in Ethiopia will be celebrated in Addis Ababa on 18th of October 2014 at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology(AAIT) hall with a half day panel discussions followed by sky gazing and presentation at Lideta Catholic Cathedral School(LCCS). The half day panel discussions are focused on the following topics Satellite Application for Navigation, Brief overview of Space Science Benefits: from Africa’s Perspective, Space Science Status in Africa: initiatives and achievements and African Space Science Policy: the way forward for Africa. The second part celebration at Lideta Catholic Cathedral School (LCCS) focused on presentation and discussions of different space science topics among students and sky gazing programs. World Space Week celebration in Ethiopia is jointly organized by, Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS), Entoto Observatory and Research Center (EORC), Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), African Union Commission Human Resources, Science and Technology Directorate (AUC/HRST), and International Astronomic Union East African Regional Office for Development (IAU/EA-ROAD).
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