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Event ID:  8199
Contact Name:  Vladimir Planetarium
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Contact Phone:  8(4922)32-22-90
Organization:  Vladimir Planetarium
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Dates:  4th October 2015 to 10th October 2015
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Russia
City:  Vladimir
Event Name:  World space week
Event Description:  Every year Vladimir Planetarium organizes different events devoted to the World Space Week. We deliver lectures on different topics in astronomy and space exploration, hold astronomical quizzes and competitions, organize educational photo exhibitions and observations of the Moon and planets in the telescope.
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Report on the Results:  From 4 to 10 of October, 2014, there were delivered 24 lectures on which our visitors could learn about the history of development of space exploration, about our Solar system, and also about the work of astronauts on the ISS. Our visitors took part in quizzes devoted to the most interesting astronomical facts and to famous people whose life is connected with space exploration. The most active participants received gifts and prizes. “Space Ring” became the biggest event of our WSW-2014. It was a competition between 5 teams of students of 9-th grades from Vladimir schools. They answered questions about famous scientists and astronomers, historical space dates, solved rebuses, etc. Among guests of honor on this event there were two veterans of spaceport Baikonur, who prepared and deliver their own question for participants. The team “Star track” became a winner and an owner of a challenge cup. All participants received gifts and prizes.
Attendance:  885
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