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Country State/Province City Event Name Map Details
Iran Tehran and Alborz Tehran and Alborz Outreach Programs at Schools Event Details
Iraq Sulaymaniah Kalar World space week Event Details
Ireland Nationwide Space Week Ireland Event Details
Ireland Co Cork Carrigaline Owenabue Brownies Space Week Meeting Y Event Details
Ireland Dublin Dublin Voyager to Cassini and toward the Stars Y Event Details
Ireland Kerry Ballyhearney Plough Clocks and Dark Skies Event Details
Italy Bergamo AD MARTEM Event Details
Italy Pino Torinese A caccia di onde gravitazionali Event Details
Italy Pino Torinese Infini.to On Stage… tra le vie di Pino Torinese Event Details
Italy Pino Torinese Un cielo di stelle al parco astronomico Event Details
Italy Cagliari Cagliari Settimana Mondiale dello Spazio Event Details
Italy Caltanissetta Caltanissetta SPAZIO 3 G Y Event Details
Italy Catania Nicolosi Settimana Mondiale dello Spazio Event Details
Italy Lecce Casarano "Salento&Apulia Space Weekend" Y Event Details
Italy Matera Matera Blue sky Y Event Details
Italy Modena Carpi L'esplorazione di nuovi mondi nello spazio Event Details
Italy Napoli PORTICI The Stars\' Factory Event Details
Italy Padova Padova, Veneto, Italy "Space" for us! Event Details
Italy Piemonte Torino infinita curiosità Event Details
Italy settimo Torinese Settimo Torinese (To) ORA DI CHIMICA Event Details
Italy torino collegno physics in space Event Details
Italy Torino Torino Lo spazio tra Scienza e Fantascienza Event Details
Japan Celebration of Universal Dignity Leadership @Honolulu Event Details
Japan Connect with space 180 minutes Event Details
Japan Cooking galaxy sweets and picture book the Rocket Prince Event Details
Japan Jewelry Photo Album by universe designer Junko Nagai Event Details
Japan MEDIKATSU Talk in Space Event Details
Japan Radio Program "Shall we dance with NONCHAN?" Event Details
Japan Talk live by space adventurer, Makoto Hoshino Event Details
Japan We do legular cleaning in fright suits Event Details
Japan World Space Week’s Exibition in website produced by One&Only Flower Designer's School Event Details
Japan Aichi Pref. Space Fashion show Event Details
Japan Aichi Pref. Nagoya shi World Space Week Symposium opening act and Space Jazz Night Y Event Details
Japan Fukuoka Kitakyushu "BENEFITS OF SMALL SATELLITES TO SOCIETY" exhibition Y Event Details
Japan Hokkaido Asahikawa-shi Let's launch soap rockets! Event Details
Japan Hyogo Pref. Himeji-shi Rockets transmitted from Uematsudenki Event Details
Japan Ibaraki Pref. Bando-shi I will go to space with my husband and a ukulele Part2, Space mama 1st ukulele live event Event Details
Japan Ibaraki Pref. Bandou-shi Full Moon Live in Space Bar Event Details
Japan Ibaraki Pref. Bantou-shi Space soda water campaign by Tamurakensetsu Y Event Details
Japan Ibaraki Prif. Bantou-shi 4th ASTRAX Civilian Space Business Symposium in Syuroku Y Event Details
Japan Iwate Pref. Miyako city Musical for Kids: Rocket Prince, The Story of stars Event Details
Japan Kanagawa Kamakura-shi Tokyo Gelato Mania SALTY Presents, the Party of Space's Gelato Y Event Details
Japan Kanagawa Pref. Kamakura city Special tour of secret space base Event Details
Japan Kanagawa Pref. Yokohama-shi Tarts and cookies are half price in the slogan "Space Week" Y Event Details
Japan Kanagawa-Ken MINAMI-KU,YOKOHAMA-SHI 【国連】世界宇宙週間特別番組!夢と希望のコミュニティ!芸能音楽からビジネスまで想いをカタチに! Y Event Details
Japan Miyagi Pref. Sendai-shi Space SAKE "SORA" Y Event Details
Japan Saitama Pref. Workshop of drawing space Mandala Event Details
Japan Shizuoka Pref. Space broadcast, Gagarin Event Details
Japan Tokyo The discovery of beauty in space Event Details

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