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  • This page shows the Events planned for and held in Montenegro during World Space Week
  • The list contains 50 events per page. The links at the bottom of the page can be used to view other sections of the list.
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Country State/Province City Event Name Year Details


Romania Europa Craiova The colours of the univers 2007Event Details
Romania Salaj County Zalau World Space Week events 2007Event Details
Romania Sibiu County Sibiu Europlanet National Competition 2007Event Details
Romania Suceava County Falticeni World Space Week 2007Event Details
Romania Suceava County Suceava World Space Week events 2007Event Details
Romania Teleorman County Alexandria World Space Week celebrations 2007Event Details
Romania Transylvania Cluj - Napoca Astrophysics Today 2007Event Details
Romania Transylvania Cluj-Napoca Round table ad teacher training workshop 2007Event Details
Romania Transylvania Cluj-Napoca The Space and the knowledge frontiers competition 2007Event Details
Romania Transylvania Cluj-Napoca Together since 1957 2007Event Details
Romania Vaslui county Barlad We Will Conquer Space 2007Event Details
Russia Baikoniur Radio expedition to Baikonour Space Port dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Space Era 2007Event Details
Russia Barnaul World Space Week celebration 2007Event Details
Russia Kaliningrad 2007Event Details
Russia Moscow International Forum SPACE: Science and Challenges of the XXI century 2007Event Details
Russia Moscow Practical cosmonautics course of lectures in Bauman Moscow State Technical University 2007Event Details
Russia Moscow Space and medicine conference 2007Event Details
Russia Moskow 2007Event Details
Russia Moskow International Conference 2007Event Details
Russia Moskow Student Festival 2007Event Details
Russia Krasnoyarsky region Zelenogorsk 50 years of Space Era celebration 2007Event Details
Russia Moscow region Korolev Space lesson 2007Event Details
Singapore Singapore Catch Them Young 2007Event Details
Singapore Singapore Inspiring Space 2007Event Details
Slovakia Actual news in space industry 2007Event Details
Slovakia Celebration of WSW 2007Event Details
Slovakia Cosmic Design 2007Event Details
Slovakia From Sputnik to ISS 2007Event Details
Slovakia History of space flight 2007Event Details
Slovakia Movie projection 2007Event Details
Slovakia Voyages to the space 2007Event Details
Slovakia Male Bielice WSW events 2007Event Details
South Africa Tshw ane, Pretoria Reach for the Stars 2007Event Details
Spain Las Palmas/Santa Cruz de Tenerife Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Santa Cruz de Tenerife Semana del Espacio de Canarias (Tercera edici 2007Event Details
Switzerland Lausanne 2007Event Details
Switzerland Canton Vaud Payerne World Space Week on the Air 2007Event Details
Switzerland Cantons of Fribourg and Vaud Morens / Payerne Morens World Space Week 2007Event Details
Switzerland Vaud Lausanne 3rd EPFL Space Research Day 2007Event Details
Thailand Bangkok Bangkok Press Conference on Zero Gravity Flight 2007Event Details
Thailand Bangkok Bangkok WSW THEOS 2007 2007Event Details
Thailand Bangkok Bangkok Zero Gravity Flight 2007Event Details
Turkey Izmir Listening the Sun by First ACI School Radio Telescope 2007Event Details
Turkey Adana Seyhan ' My Spacecraft' 2007Event Details
Turkey Adana Seyhan Drawing Contest ' Unreached Universes' 2007Event Details
Turkey Adana Seyhan Observation Night 2007Event Details
Turkey Afyonkarahisar Bolvadin WSW - Afyonkarahisar 2007Event Details
Turkey Amasya Merkez Are we alone in the universe? 2007Event Details
Turkey Amasya Merkez Drawing Days! 2007Event Details
Turkey Amasya Merkez How to Find Directions? & Space Song 2007Event Details
Turkey Amasya Merkez Space Album & Elements 2007Event Details

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