Saudi Arabia

  • This page shows the Events planned for and held in Saudi Arabia during World Space Week
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  • Events with a 'Y' in the Map column indicate that the exact location of the event has been mapped.
  • A plot of the 2019 mapped events can be seen here: 2019 Mapped Events
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Country State/Province City Event Name Year Map Details


Saudi Arabia riyadh riyadh الملتقي الطلابي لعلوم الفضاء والفلك 2013Y Event Details
Saudi Arabia Western Jeddah World Space Week 2013 2013 Event Details
Saudi Arabia المدينة المنورة ينبع اسبوع الفضاء العالمي 2013Y Event Details


Saudi Arabia Eastern Province Al-Khobar World Space Week 2012 2012Y Event Details
Saudi Arabia Makkah, Western Province Jeddah 'World space week' أسبوع الفضاء العالمي 2012 Event Details
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Asir Rjalalma ((Report of the World Space Week)) 2012Y Event Details


Saudi Arabia Al-Khobar Launching of water rockets 2011 Event Details
Saudi Arabia Al-Khobar World Space Week 2011 Event Details
Saudi Arabia Jeddah World Space Week at the Jeddah Astronomical Society 2011 Event Details
Saudi Arabia Qatif World Space Week at the Qatif Astronomy Society 2011 Event Details


Saudi Arabia all schools KSA Astro Photography contest 2010 Event Details
Saudi Arabia all schools kSA WSW in class activities 2010Y Event Details
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Riyadh WSW Space and Astronomy Work shop 2010 Event Details
Saudi Arabia westeren Jeddah star camp for high shcool students 2010Y Event Details
Saudi Arabia Western Jeddah astronomy films- Planitarium 2010 Event Details

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