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Highlights 2008

Highlights of World Space Week
October 4 - 10, 2008
Theme:  Exploring the Universe

Highlights of World Space Week 2008 include:

  • The largest public space celebration in history.  Reported participation:
    • 63 nations
    • 550 events
    • 250 cities
    • 387,000 attendance
    • 54,652,000 media impressions
  • U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Obama issued a World Space Week statement.
  • Countries with the great number of reported events were:
    • 105 events in the Czech Republic
    • 79 events in Romania
    • 65 events in Turkey
  • 1,000 model rockets were launched by students in 23 cities across Europe on the tenth anniversary of the Community of Ariane Cities
  • Space agencies held World Space Week events, including NASA and ESA.
  • Wide range of World Space Week celebrations were held in such countries as Bulgaria, Ecuador, India, Namibia, South Africa, United States, Uruguay, Viet Nam, and Zambia.
  • Teachers around the world used the excitement of space to inspire students about learning.

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What did you do for World Space Week?  Any event, no matter how large or small, is important.  To promote your space-related activities during 4-10 October, please add them to the event calendar.

For a complete report on World Space Week 2008, please click here.

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