World Space Week Association

World Space Week Association proudly supports the UN in the global coordination of World Space Week, each October 4–10. The Association is led by a dedicated team of directors, officers, and volunteers which promotes and coordinates a global network of 1,000s of organizations and individuals who hold events during World Space Week.  The Association relies heavily on the work of World Space Week National Coordinators to support event-holders and publicize World Space Week at the national level.The Association also holds a Permanent Observer position in the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, where the results of World Space Week are reported.

WSWA Organization

Executive Team (click name for short bio):

Francisco Javier Mendieta Jimenez, Ph.D. Chairman: Javier Mendieta  (MX)

Chris Welch, Ph.D. Co-Chair: Chris Welch, Ph.D. (UK)

Dennis Stone President: Dennis Stone (US)

Executive Director:   Vacant

Other Officers:

  • Executive Vice President:  Ben Baseley-Walker
  • Senior Vice President: Michel Laffaiteur (FR)
  • Senior Vice President: Ali Al-Mashat (FR)
  • Vice President – Board Relations and Secretary:  Catherine Doldirina
  • Vice President – Partners and Programs:  Alexander Karl
  • Vice President – Space Sector and Social Media:  Andrea Boyd
  • Vice President – Development:  Athiye Jawad
  • Vice President – Project Management:  Tiffany Chow
  • Vice President – Education and Coordinators: Armengol Torres (ES)
  • Vice President – Administration: Marcia Gilbert (US)
  • Treasurer:  Buckner Hightower (US)

Supporting Team: