The largest public space event on Earth - UN-declared

World Space Week, October 4–10

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Celebrate World Space Week October 4-10

wsw-logo-color-wsw-text_dates_white_backgroundJoin this year’s global celebration of space!  You are invited to hold an event during UN-declared World Space Week, October 4-10, 2013.  

The synergy of simultaneous space events around the world reaches a greater audience through heightened public and media attention.   Every space-related activity that week, whether large or small, contributes to this heightened global awareness of space.    

Thus you are invited to participate in World Space Week.  Here is how:

  1.  Plan a space-related event for October 4-10.  This can be an on-line event.

  2.  Add your event to the global WSW calendar. 

  3.  Promote your event.  Use the World Space Week name and logo in your publicity.

  4.  Afterward, please return to the calendar to share how it went and estimate attendance and media impressions.  

The theme of World Space Week 2013 is “Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth”  You are encouraged to incorporate this theme into your event, but this is voluntary.  You can address any aspect of space and reach any audience. You can promote your views on space and your favorite space organization.  You have freedom to participate in any way, individually or working with others.

Another way to support World Space Week is to invite teachers to use space that week to inspire students about learning. There’s a wealth of space-themed materials on-line which teachers can use. Many teachers also welcome talks to students that week by space professionals and enthusiasts such as yourself.

Please help make World Space Week 2013 a success! Your participation is needed and will be greatly appreciated. For more information, please visit Thank you!


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