The largest public space event on Earth - UN-declared

World Space Week, October 4–10

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Croatia National Coordinator Meets With President

Croatia President  Ivo Josipovic met with World Space Week National Coordinator Goran Nikolasevicon September 27 to discuss World Space Week 2012 in Croatia.  Dr. Josipovic was presented with the WSW 2012 poster and reviewed plans for the October 4-10 celebration.

Mr. Nikolasevic met with His Exellency Dr. Josipovic in the President's residence in Zagreb. At this meeting they discussed World Space Week, the ways of celebration that week, the role of national coordinators, and importance of participation of Croatia and her citizens in projects connected with space.

"We congratulate World Space Week Croatia National Coordinator Goran Nikolasevicon for his initiative and great achievement in meeting with the President of Croatia about World Space Week," said Dennis Stone, President of World Space Week Association.  The Association supports the United Nations in the global coordination of this annual international celebration of space.

Since its declaration by the UN General Assembly in 1999, World Space Week has grown to the largest annual public space event on Earth, with participation this year by over 65 countries with over 550 events. National coordinators are key to the organization of these events in their countries. 

It is the first year of Mr. Nikolasevicon's work as Croatia's national coordinator, and thus the first year of well-organized and coordinated celebration of World Space Week in Croatia.  WSW 2012 was celebrated in Croatia with public presentations, astronomy observations, and strong coverage by the national and local media.



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