The largest public space event on Earth - UN-declared

World Space Week, October 4–10

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Remco Timmermans Named Executive Director

remcoRemco Timmermans has been selected as Executive Director of World Space Week Association.

Remco is a 42-year old space ambassador from the Netherlands. Married, a father of two children (10 and 12), and a business scientist by education.  His career has been in IT, finance and business process engineering all over the world, most notably in Spain, UK, Ireland, Germany, US and India.

About 5 years ago, Remco said goodbye to the big corporate world and dedicated himself more directly to the people and our planet, for which he founded two companies. 

At Expedition Factory, Remco leads expeditions to the Arctic, showing clients the effects of climate change and teaching them about personal and corporate social leadership. Remco and his partner also organize special expeditions to the Polar region for TV crews.

At his other company, Future Matters, Remco promotes sustainability in tourism and recreation.  He and his partners recently wrote a book on the subject. They organize master classes, guest lectures and advisory services for education, government and organizations in the tourism sector.

Remco was infected with the space "virus" at a young age.  He built Space Shuttle Discovery in small scale and has vivid memories of watching the STS-1 launch on TV. This interest resurfaced around 2009 with his "discovery" of the space community on social media  and he soon joined a global group of space ambassadors.

His space involvement accelerated beginning with an invitation by NASA to attend the STS-135 launch from the Kennedy Space Center press site in 2011, a life-changing event.  Remco then became active in social media space events organized by ESA, DLR and CNES, and visited Baikonur to watch fellow countryman André Kuipers' launch to the ISS.  In 2012, he joined the SpaceUp Foundation Board where he helps organize their space "unconferences."

"We are thrilled to be able to apply Remco's knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the growth of World Space Week," said Association President Dennis Stone. 

"I want to build World Space Week's brand image, reach, number of events, and a healthy basis for the future," Remco said. "This will entail professionalization of operations and the use of new communication channels in both traditional and social media.

"This focus, in combination with continued support of the World Space Week board members and volunteers, will allow us to reach these objectives," he added.  Remco can be contacted at and on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@timmermansr).

World Space Week Association is an international non-profit organization which supports the global coordination of UN-declared World Space Week, held October 4-10 annually.   World Space Week 2012 reached record proportions with over 700 events in nearly 70 nations.


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