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World Space Week, October 4–10

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Heinlein Teacher Guide

The World Space Week Heinlein Teacher Guide is a collection of science and language arts activities for children in grades 5-9, which are based on the book Have Spacesuit - Will Travel, by Robert A. Heinlein.


Download the free guide here (PDF):     

The guide is sponsored by the Heinlein Prize Trust.



  • Space Suit Design: Electric Circuits: Students are introduced to series and parallel circuits in a problem based activity.
  • Earth / Moon System: Students construct a simple scale model of the Earth, Moon and other Solar System objects that is accurate for size and distance..
  • Lunar Escape: Students are introduced to the concept of gravity and plan an escape from "Wormface.".
  • Humans on the Moon: Students investigate NASA's Apollo program..
  • Space Suit Design: Solar System Diversity: Students design space suits for survival on different Solar System objects.
  • Making Observations: Students explore how we use multiple senses while making observations.


  • Imagery: Students use the text excerpt to identify the author's use of imagery.
  • Descriptive Writing: A Lesson in Revision: Students create a monster and then write a description of it. Students exchange descriptions and attempt to draw the monster. Students then revise their original description.
  • Tone / Mood: Students use a text passage to explore the concepts of tone and mood. Students then write a passage to convey a specific tone or mood.
  • The Journey of a Hero: A Discussion: Students reflect on the entire novel to determine if the main character, Kip, fits the role of a classic hero.
  • Conflict: Students explore the concept of literary conflict.
  • Compare and Contrast: Students compare and contrast two aliens using a text excerpt.



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