The largest public space event on Earth - UN-declared

World Space Week, October 4–10

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How To WSW - Create Your Event

Join the largest annual public space event on Earth!

World Space Week is an excellent opportunity for organisations across the world to come together and help collectively inspire and stimulate interests in space, space sciences and education. Your organization can participate in the celebration of World Space Week each October 4-10. By doing so, you will leverage the public and media attention surrounding the largest annual public space event on Earth.

Here is how to celebrate World Space Week:

1. Mark your Calendar

From 4 to 10 of October EVERY YEAR!

2. Choose an Activity 

We recommend you contact your country coordinator for ideas and also have a look here for examples. Programs can be for any audience, such as the public, employees, government leaders, the media, teachers, or students (see our materials for schools). These programs can be existing or new.

3. Plan Your Activity/Event 

Schedule space-related activities for the 4-10 October timeframe. Use the World Space Week name and logo into your publicity materials. Coordinate with other participants in your area if any and your national coordinator

4. Spread the Word - register your event here

Let people know about your events! Before World Space Week, add these to the global calendar. Tell the media about your event plans.  

5. Report your event

After World Space Week, return to the calendar to report results, including attendance and media coverage and upload the best photos of your events.  

More information

For Event Organisers

For Educators

Thank you for participating in World Space Week!


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