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WSWA Volunteers

WSWA has many volunteers who donate their time to the great cause of World Space Week.  Below are our dedicated lead volunteers.   Click on any name to e-mail them.   Please click on "Openings" to see opportunities to join the World Space Week Association team! 


Abdul Zain Khan
H.R. Manager


Virgiliu Pop

Steffen Jung
Space Community Manager


Paul McMahon

Norma Teresinha Oliveira Reis
Education Committee Volunteer

Laura Kelly
Education Committee

Carol Lee Lutsinger
Education Committee Volunteer

Dr. Romanus Eze
Education Committee

Steve Corliss
Data Manager


Damian Bielicki
Youth Inspiration Committee Chair / YIP Manager

Zubeda Gichana
YIP Media & Communications Lead

Alberto Martin
YIP Web Editor

Haritina Mogosanu
Deputy Manager of the Education Committee

Kat Coderre
Houston Manager

Angela Peura
Washington Manager


Guzel Kamaletdinova
YIP Manager

Jason Colon
Social Media Coordinator

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