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Event ID:  1005
Contact Name:  Dr. Shahid Qureshi / Faisal Afridi
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Contact Phone:  +9221-8205580
Organization:  Institute of Space & Planetary Astrophysics, University of Karachi, Pakistan
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Dates:  9th October 2008 to 9th October 2008
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Type:  School
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Country:  Pakistan
State/Province:  Sindh
City:  Karachi
Location:  ISPA Observatory, University of Karachi
Event Name:  Planets Watching
Event Description:  In order to develop awareness of Astronomy, the Institute of Space & Planetary Astrophysics, University of Karachi is organizing a Planets Watching program on Thursday 9th October, 2008 at ISPA Observatory, University of Karachi. We are inviting the selected students and a faculty member of the following departments of University of Karachi: 1. Department of Physics 2. Department of Applied Physics 3. Department of Mathematics 4. Department of Geology 5. Department of Geography 6. Department of Computer Science 7. Department of Visual Studies
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Report on the Results:  More than 100 students visited Karachi University Astronical Observatory to watch the Planets Venus and Jupitor through 6 Code' Refractor at 90X. A lecture on Elements of Observational Astronomy was dilevered by Dr. M. Shahid Qureshi at the occasion. Dr. Qureshi replied to the querries of the students keenly. Most of the students were highly motivated and showed their interest in studying Space Science, Astronomy and allied subjects. Later the planets were observed by the students through the telescope.
Attendance:  100
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