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Event ID:  10511
Contact Name:  Jan Hill
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Contact Phone:  7033650963
Organization:  Cedar Point Elementary School PTA
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Dates:  3rd October 2016 to 8th October 2016
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Type:  School
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Country:  United States
State/Province:  Virginia
City:  Bristow
Event Name:  CPES Celebrates World Space Week
Event Description:  Cedar Point Elementary School will celebrate the Earth as seen from Space. NASA technologies that assist earthlings will be explored as well as the technologies that make space exploration possible. The International Space Station and its view of Earth will be exposed. GPS and WeatherSatellites and space telescopes will be introduced to the Kindergarten through 5th Grade students.
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Report on the Results:  The Cedar Point PTA is proud to announce that its World Space Week Celebration was a success. The hallways were decorated with banners and balloons by the PTA’s World Space Week committee and buttons that read World Space Week were worn by teachers and staff. Well over 100 teachers, students and their families participated in the Space Walk to School Day on Wednesday. Cedar Point Elementary School concluded it’s week long celebration of World Space Week with an assembly on October 7, 2016. Ms. Kribbs, Assistant Principal introduced the speaker, Erika Vick, NASA office of communication as a life long NASA person whose father had worked on the Apollo program. Ms. Vick presented an Earth centered program, highlighting how NASA keeps track of the earth’s health by observing its vital signs: Checking its air, temperature, sea ice and sea level. As all the CPES students had created Earthrise pictures, Ms. Vick presented a video about the re-creation of the original 1968 photograph. One of the most iconic photo’s of all time was not planned; the actual excited voices of the three Apollo 8 astronauts were heard being amazed by the first human view of Earth from our moon’s orbit. Ms. Vick presented the quote by Astronaut Anders who took the photo, "We came all this way to explore the moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the Earth.” Indeed the first Earth Day was 16 months later. Principal, Mark Marinoble announced the 7 winners whose shiny Earth-Blue Cheetah Paw tickets were drawn at random from all those given to students who had been out-of-this-world Champion Cheetahs during World Space Week. Teachers award the cheetah paw tickets to those who show kindness and/or above average effort during the school day. [The winners were: ]The PTA also recognized the teachers who were spaceily creative in decorating their rooms and hallways. From 'Astronaut Applications' to 'Diversity from Space' the hallways were adorned by teacher directed space art. The winning project included a lighted solar system with pictures of the first grade students as astronauts. Ms. Chrissy Johnson is pictured with some of her class with the Talking Space Weighing Mat she won. Her students can know how much they weigh on all the planets. All in all CPES students and teachers celebrated Earth from Space with flare and are proud to be the only school in Virginia to be an official part of the United Nations World Space Week.
Attendance:  720
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