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Event ID:  11506
Contact Name:  Dr. Bidushi Bhattacharya
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Organization:  Bhattacharya Space Enterprises
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Dates:  6th October 2016 to 6th October 2016
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Singapore
State/Province:  Singapore
Event Name:  NUS Mission: Galassia
Event Description:  8 pm Galassia, a 2-kg cubesatellite, is currently orbiting 550 km above the Earth, at an inclination of 15 degrees. NUS students and researchers designed and built the satellite, and they are currently operating it from NUS. Mr. Eugene Han Wei Ee will provide an overview of the mission and an update on current status. Mr. Ee is a Research Engineer at the Satellite & Airborne Radar Systems Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, NUS.
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Report on the Results:  Kindly refer to event 11500, with which this event has been consolidated for reporting purposes, as requested.
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