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Event ID:  14518
Contact Name:  World Space Week Wrocław 2017
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Organization:  PTMA
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Dates:  7th October 2017 to 8th October 2017
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Poland
State/Province:  Lower Silesian
City:  Wroclaw
Event Name:  World Space Week Wrocław 2017
Event Description:  World Space Week Wrocław 2017 is the biggest in Poland World Space Week celebration. As part of the two-day event, there will be organized cosmic workshops for children and teenagers and popular-scientific conference. Workshops will be conducted by Wroclaw astronomers, ESERO, teachers, workshop groups and the companies associated with the education. The conference will be held with the participation of Polish space sector speakers, science popularizers, as well as science VIP’s. During the conference, we are planning organization of a few quizzes, competitions and displays, but especially dropping the balloon to the stratosphere with the live stream. At the same time at foyer there will be small space fairs, where our partners and other companies will present potentialities of the career in the space sector in Europe. Workshops will be organized in Elementary School no 26 (ul.Suwalska 5, Wrocław), but the conference in Hall of the century (multifunction hall, ul. Wystawowa 1, Wrocław)
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Attendance:  450
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