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Event ID:  1459
Contact Name:  Briony
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Organization:  College du Leman
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Dates:  2nd October 2009 to 2nd October 2009
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Type:  School
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Country:  Switzerland
State/Province:  Geneva
City:  Geneva
Event Name:  College du Leman Star Gazing Night
Event Description:  A star gazing night when all families and teachers in the primary school of College du Leman are invited to Observe the stars with telescopes & binoculars,build Rockets, make space crafts, eat space treats and listen to space related stories.
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Report on the Results:  Over 500 parents and children enjoyed the wonders of the night sky together on Friday. It was a big success as we were very lucky with the weather. We were able to see some exciting things including Jupiter & the Galilean Moons. This evening certainly inspired many to pursue their new found interest in astronomy.
Attendance:  500
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