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Event ID:  14644
Contact Name:  Andrey Kern
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Contact Phone:  +7(347) 235-70-23
Organization:  Ufa planetarium
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Dates:  3rd October 2017 to 9th October 2017
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Russia
City:  Ufa
Event Name:  Public charitable festival of popular science and educational spherical films on astronomy - 2017
Event Description:  A public charity festival of a spherical film is held within the framework of World Space Week in support of the return of the course of astronomy to the average school. The purposes of the festival: 1. draw the attention of teachers of astronomy and students of Ufa to use in the process of teaching spherical films on astronomy; 2. demonstrate the potential of a modern planetarium as an effective means of forming the natural-science worldview of students;
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Report on the Results:  This year, the Space Week has a special significance: on October 4, 60 years have passed since the launch of the first satellite, and the first event in the planetarium was devoted to this event. The popular science lecture "The First Satellite and Other Milestones of the Space Era" by the popularizer of cosmonautics Philip Terekhov (which, as always, was free) made spectators feel pride for our country, first released into space. The theme of the World Space Week of 2017 is "Exploring New Worlds in Space", so the planetarium showed programs that tell about the successes in the study of outer space and bodies of the Solar System by space vehicles and ground instruments: Rosetta, We are All Aliens, Oceans in Space "," Seven Wonders of the Solar System "," Into the Depths of the Universe "," Hot Universe ". At the end of the Space Week in the planetarium successfully hosted the charity Festival of full-dome films on astronomy "Ufa-2017". This year the Festival was held in support of the return to the Russian Federation of the course of astronomy in secondary school and was intended primarily for students who started or will be studying astronomy and for teachers of physics and astronomy. The festival was held with the support of the company "Svensons ART MEDIA" represented by the general director Lobanov AV and the company "Spherical Cinema Society" represented by the executive director Yury Gubchenko, who kindly provided full-dome films for free display. General director of the company "Svensons ART MEDIA" Lobanov AV personally attended the Festival and showed one of the programs over which he worked "Space next to us." The full-dome films shown at the Festival (there were eleven of them) were first shown in the planetarium and made a great impression on schoolchildren and on those spectators who were lucky enough to get to the auditorium, since practically all the places had already been booked in advance by the schools. The subjects of the films were diverse: from the origin of life, the study of asteroids and the fall of meteoroids on Earth to dark matter. For two days more than 800 students from 29 schools visited the planetarium. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to get to the festival, as the capacity of the hall is only 80 people.
Attendance:  800
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Media Impressions:  670
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