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Event ID:  15219
Contact Name:  Alexandra Mochalova
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Event Web Site:  http://www.
Dates:  3rd October 2017 to 3rd October 2017
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Russia
City:  Moscow
Event Name:  SPACEWALK 360
Event Description:  On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the launch of the first Earth satellite, the international RT news channel has the honor to invite you to the presentation and the VR-show of SPACEWALK 360, the first panoramic video in the history of the OPEN COSMOS. Guests will become participants in a direct line with the ISS astronaut Sergei Ryazansky, who will talk about shooting 360 video in outer space. A unique video of SPACEWALK 360 will be shown in a special VR-movie theater with virtual reality glasses.
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Attendance:  250
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Media Impressions:  200
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