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Event ID:  16053
Contact Name:  Marina Molnar
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Organization:  Primary school Stobreč
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Dates:  3rd October 2017 to 6th October 2017
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Croatia
State/Province:  Splitsko dalmatinska županija
City:  Stobreč
Location:  Osnovna škola Stobreč
Event Name:  Space travel from our classrooms
Event Description:  October 4th i 5th - watching educational videos about space for motivation - making comics about space in online program ToonDoo - drawing models of space shuttle in program for drawing - Paint - making websites in online program Weebly - making presentations in Microsof PowerPoint - making tables and graphics in MS PowerPoint -writing stories in MS Word Evaluation on October 6th - presentation of all work
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Report on the Results:  The sixth, seventh and eighth grade students watched educational videos (Star Walk for kids: Learning Astronomy and Space (6. razred) Best Learning Space and Planets for Kids Video, Teach Kids Science: (6. razred) Zašto postoji svemir? (7. I 8. razredi) ) of the universe, the planets, space shuttles and the systems in the universe. They expanded their knowledge of the universe and learned many interesting facts that they have not heard so far. We measured the distance between the Sun and the Moon from our planet, and with each other planets studied by the The Outer Planet ( Likewise, we measured the speed of planet movement with the same online program. Also, the students studied the other possibilities of the program. Sixth grade students could choose whether to design an unusual spacecraft in the coloring program, Paint, make a comic in ToonDoo online or write an unusual story of the universe. The students decided most to draw an unusual aircraft, fewer decided to write a comic or write an unusual story about space. Seventh grade students created presentations individually or in pairs in MS PowerPoint by choosing topics or suggesting themselves. Several eighth grade students have created web pages in the Weebly online programby selecting or suggesting topics for work. With our students, we have edited our information room with data related to the World Space Week 2017. On Friday, October 6, the students exhibited their works, exchanged experiences they gained through our space week, suggested that they would otherwise mark the World Space Weekand and we published all the collected information on the subject of information technology under the guidance of Marina Molnar (
Attendance:  49
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