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Event ID:  16193
Contact Name:  Natalija Kirčenkova
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +3852910 700
Organization:  OŠ M.J.Zagorke
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Dates:  3rd October 2017 to 13th October 2017
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Croatia
State/Province:  --
City:  Zagreb
Event Name:  World Space Week
Event Description:   Izrada modela prvog umjetnog satelita, svemirskih letjelica i sonda od papira, drva i recikliranih materijala  Održavanje filmskog maratona (dokumentarni, edukativni, znanstveno fantastični filmovi, crtići)  Izrada zanimljivih igara sa svemirskom tematikom  Posjeta Astronomskom Centru u Rijeci  Izložba u knjižnici časopisa i knjiga na svemirsku tematiku  Izrada plakata svemirskog rječnika na engleskom i njemačkom jeziku  Predavanja o svemiru i znanosti  Radionice slikanja, slušanja svemirske glazbe
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Report on the Results:  The World Space Week has been successfully marked in the M.J.Zagorka Elementary School (Zagreb, Croatia). Activities covered about 300 classroom students, about 25 students in the subject and about 30 teachers. Classes 1 and 4 were listening to lectures prepared and held by seventh and eighth grade students on topics such as "Space Exploration", "Spacecraft", "Solar System Research", "First Satellite", "Satellite" discussing the need for exploration of the universe, the role of satellites in everyday life, and the exploration of planets in the solar system. There were organized workshops on paper and asphalt painting, as well as listening to space music (Space, Zodiak, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre and others). They watched cartoons on the subject of the universe. Fourth grade students visited the Astronomical Center in Rijeka. Students of the 6th and 8th grades participated in the design of the model of the aircraft, the rocket, the first satellite "Sputnik", the creation of the 3D model of the Sun system, various posters on the subject "Space Exploration". Class 7 and 8 pupils met and explored NASA, ESA and ROSKOSMOSA websites, looked at satellite launch and missile documentation, Rosset mission, etc. The physics classes discussed the characteristics of the aircraft, speeds, about the distances and the necessity of exploring the universe. At the time of technical culture they talked about the development of new materials and technologies. In the math class, students of the seventh grade computed the ratios and made models of the Sun's system. German language lessons were made to cry in German about space explorers and dictionary on the subject of the universe. At the Biology lessons they discussed the living conditions in space and the space station. The newsgroup interviewed the children of the first and third grade during a workshop on the universe. The school library presents an exhibition of books, picture books, encyclopedias, children's journals and scientific journals on the subject of the universe ("Man and the Universe", "National Geographic", "Wood of Knowledge", "Nature" and so on). Fun, cheerful and curious, with a lot of effort and dedication we celebrated the World of Space Week!
Attendance:  580
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Media Impressions:  800
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