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Contact Name:  Ron Houghton
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Organization:  AIAA-Sydney Section
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Dates:  9th October 2007 to 9th October 2007
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Australia
State/Province:  NSW
City:  Sydney
Location:  Auditorium Complex, Eastern Ave, University of Sydney
Event Name:  AIAA Distinguished Lecture-Exploring Mars
Event Description:  6.30 pm Dr. Mark Adler, JPL. The Mars Exploration Rovers left Earth in mid 2003 and landed on the planet Mars in January 2004. Since then they have been examining evidence of an ancient Mars that had liquid water at the surface billions of years ago, and that may have had the necessary conditions to support life. The talk will cover why Mars is such an interesting place to explore scientifically and culturally, a short history of Mars exploration by spacecraft, what the Mars Exploration Rovers look like and how they work, how they were designed, built, and tested, how they are operated on Mars, what scientific discoveries they have made, and the current status and prospects for their future. The talk will end with an overview of our future planned and imagined missions to Mars.
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Report on the Results:  This event attracted students, aerospace professionals and members of the public and was highly successful. A lively question and disucssion session extended for some time after the lecture. Dr. Adler's visit received some media coverage, but this was focussed on his Mars research rather than on the event in Sydney.
Attendance:  150
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