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Event ID:  18904
Contact Name:  Tomukum Chia
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Contact Phone:  +237683162205
Organization:  International Academy of Astronautics
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Dates:  3rd October 2018 to 9th October 2018
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Cameroon
State/Province:  Centre Region
City:  Yaounde
Event Name:  Multilingual Space Terminology for Education and Outreach in ACP countries in advancing Astronautics
Event Description:  Astronauts and space scientists have taken up the challenge of not leaving anyone behind to bring the global community into Space for social businesses with the provision of Multilingual Space Terminology for Education and Outreach for the advancement astronautics and Social businesses worldwide and opening up barriers in ACP Countries to wards the west for social businesses to thrive at all levels. Digital technology is expected to raise online transactions globally with space terminology as a flagship for social businesses to expand through constellations and international synergies in the phase of globalization and higher magnitudes of hazards and disasters. The 2018 World Space Week examines and analyzes the importance of social business in both the developing and the developed world. This project is providing a way forward for emerging ACP economies to move ahead. This is because our research and survey indicates that the majority of the people in ACP countries only have a little understanding of social business as opposed to enterprise. There are over one billion, seven million websites today as opposed to one in 1990 and this fact has vividly elaborates the importance of space application in measuring the light of world citizens in doing any business in the phase of globalization. There are many exposures channels like telecommunication that promotes tele-business, and this activity/job is even made easier by the availability of our internet. The online face of social business can be smoother with Facebook, what sap, twitters, artificial intelligence, and many other space applications including brain waves and interstellar in doing social businesses. PURPOSE OF THIS PROJECT AND PROGRAM IN ACP COUNTRIES: The purpose of this program is to make people more resilience, more creative and sustainable in social businesses and fostering space science and astronautics at home. This will promote the development of a homogenous system of terms covering various fields of social businesses, aeronautics, and astronautics involving space science, technology, medicine, law and artificial intelligence. The numbers of terms used are over three thousands of them and the various languages included are increasing due to the growth of social businesses in the world, meaning the involvement of more communities today. New space faring nations are already incorporating theses terminologies through the creation of social businesses avenues like India, Ghana, Malaysia, Uruguay, Nigeria, China, Pakistan, South Africa,Japan, United Kingdom, USA, European nations, Australia and Cameroon in an attempt to make social business an integral part of the world’s economy with its influence and impact growing year by year. There are many factors that shape this development namely economic condition, social and environmental challenges,government policies, technology and investment, to name but a few. Our question is how social business will respond to these influences over the next few years in ACP countries as emerging nations who have severaldevelopmental and human issues with the main social problem being unemployment. The multilingual space terminology comprises more than 3000 terms translated by specialists to various languages including Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English,French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese,Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Kom, Lanso,Bakweri, Bamelike, Fang, Beti, Hausa, Bororo, Fulani, and berbers. The multilingual space terminology for education and outreach for the advancement of Social enterprises and opening up barriers in businesses is intended to help the work of entrepreneurs, social scientists, engineers,translators and librarians in achieving successful livelihoods and to eradicate poverty, by creating employment avenues to all. Our presentation of multilingual sace terminology for education and outreach for the advancement of astronautics and Social businesses and opening up barriers in ACP Countries towards the west has a vision the advancement of social businesses by 2020 which fits well with Professor Yunus Social business programme, and particularly to our focus on this sector in ACP countries. The programme supports our Cultural relations mission:to build trust and create opportunities between people and institutions in the ACP and other countries and help them to contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous future. Globally, we support dialogue and debate on social businesses by using our reach in more than120 countries using space applications. In many countries in ACP, we also support social entrepreneurs through provision of multilingual space terminology for education/training and access to investment. In Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific, we are particularly committed to reaching unemployed and disadvantaged youth and recognize the demand for new solutions such as social businesses to tackle social and economic challenges. Challenges and Opportunities: Traditionally, voluntary organizations,universities, agencies, charities and associations across ACP nations are embracing astronautics and Social businesses: trading for social purpose and reinvesting any profits. The economic and political climate is forcing all but the smallest, volunteer –led organization to consider service delivery contracts or other forms of earned in comestreams. By 2063 almost all charities and associations will be somewhere on the ‘social business spectrum’ – generating some if not all of their income through trading activities Targeted population and areas to covered. The project combines societal goals with entrepreneurial spirit and focuses on achieving a wider social, environmental or community objectives. The involvement of space agencies, various governments, organizations, institutions, industries,media, students, professionals, doctors, managers, local leaders, scientists,astronauts, cosmonauts, academia, schools, universities and entrepreneurs is a unifying factor in the search of an adequate and affordable social business avenues and forum for the interaction of ACP countries and the developed nations. Over five hundred million copies of the books on Multilingual Space Terminology fore education and outreach for the advancement of social businesses in ACP countries shall be produced and distributed to many countries in ACP countries by 2020. The project and program is ongoing.
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