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Event ID:  19552
Contact Name:  Friedrich Friedli
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +41791599147
Organization:  HB4FR
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Dates:  6th October 2018 to 6th October 2018
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Switzerland
State/Province:  VD
City:  Payerne
Event Name:  Payerne Space Day
Event Description:  For the 12th consecutive years the HB4FR HAM Radio Club organizes in the Swiss Air Force Museum in Payerne, Canton Vaud (Switzerland), the „Payerne Space Day", as part of the WSW. This year it’s the turn of the primary school of Genolier, located on Lake of Geneva. The “Payerne World Space Week Program” started in late August, after the summer vacations and ends with the “Payerne Space Day” on October 6th, 13:30 - 17:00, in accordance with the school program. Approximately 80 students from 5 primary classes (seventh and ninth school year) will deal with space issues. The main objective is to interest this young people in technology and science in general. They worked on different projects to bring closer the space to the museum visitors. The following topics will be presented to the visitors on October 6th: • Our solar system, by means of a robot-animated model • Eclipses; using a model, they explain how eclipses arise • Life in space, by means of a self-developed spaceship model • Weather, on Earth and also on other planets of our solar system and exoplanets, using homemade video clips. A happy coincidence of this year's “Payerne Space Day” will be the presence among the students of the two grandchildren of our club member and former astronaut Claude Nicollier, who was four times in space as a Hubble Specialist! As always, Claude will attend the Payerne Space Day and hold during the following weeks at school with all participants a debriefing, which is always highly interesting and therefore a special highlight of the event.
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Report on the Results:  The Schoolchildren of the Primary School of Genolier VD did a great job in the Swiss Air Force Museum “Clin d’Ailes” in Payerne. As published, they have presented their work on the subject of "Our solar system", Eclipses, Life in Space, Weather on Earth and other planets of our solar system and exoplanets. The highlight was definitely the real scale representation of our solar system using small robots, which the students have programmed themselves. Each robot represented a planet orbiting the sun at a distance and speed true to scale with respect to the other robots. That was really impressive for all museum visitors and relatives! The other demonstrations and presentations were amazingly well prepared and presented, respectively explained, with astounding expertise. Another highlight was, especially for the students, the presence of our Club member and former astronaut Claude Nicollier, who was very impressed by the work of the students. Incidentally, two of our astronauts' grandchildren were also among the presenting school classes! Another defining moment will be a debriefing of Claude Nicollier with all the students and teachers in the school itself. It will take place during the next few weeks in Genolier VD. Once again, our "Payerne Space Day" was a huge success and we will participate again next year, for the thirteenth time.
Attendance:  400
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