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Event ID:  19606
Contact Name:  Mektory Space Centre
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Organization:  TalTech
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Dates:  5th October 2018 to 7th October 2018
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Estonia
Event Name:  TTÜ 100 Satellite Hackaton
Event Description:  We are organizing a three-day hackathon to develop the subsystems of the satellite! On the starting evening we give an overview of the project and invite every student or interested person to take part in the completion of the satellite. There is immediate chance to build the TTÜ satellite following the introduction. Our team members present problems to be solved and invite 5-10 member teams to solve each problem during the weekend. It doesn’t matter what skills you have, anyone who wants to participate is welcome to join in. We are looking for students and specialists from all fields. TTÜ satellite team supervisors will guide the process throughout the hackathon. It is possible to use all necessary labs in TTÜ for the tasks. The hackathon will start at 18:00 on Friday and end by 17:00 on Sunday. The participation fee for hackathon is €10 per person, this will cover the costs for catering. Please register for the hackathon here!
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Report on the Results:  The Space Technology Center of TalTech organized the TTÜ100 Satellite Hackathon 2018 for programming and design as part of World Space Week. There were nearly 50 participants who had various tasks related to the development of the TTÜ100 satellite development workshops. The tasks were divided into several different areas, including mechanics, electronics, software and marketing problems. Participants were mainly students from different disciplines, most of whom were foreign students. In addition to students, researchers and enthusiasts from outside the university also attended. Pictures and newspaper article (in Estonian) about the TTÜ100 Hackathon is available here:
Attendance:  50
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Media Impressions:  2000
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