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Event ID:  19799
Contact Name:  Ilias Psyroukis
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Organization:  SPIN - Space Innovation
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Dates:  3rd October 2018 to 10th October 2018
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Greece
State/Province:  Attica
City:  Athens
Event Name:  SPIN - Space Week
Event Description:  SPIN - Space Week is a series of actions carried out under the World Space Week and it is organised by SPIN - Space Innovation in cooperation with the School of Electrical & Computer Engeeniring of National University of Athens, the Corallia and the si-Cluster of Corallia. These actions reinforce our vision for the development of the Space Sector in Greece through the involvement of young people in innovative projects and the creation of partnerships! Schedule: ● Day 1: Arduino Workshop (Wednesday 03/10 | 14:00-17:30 & 17:30-21:00) ● Day 2: Space Networking Day (Thursday 04/10 | 11:30-16:30) ● Day 3: All About SPIN (Friday 05/10 | 14:30-18:30) ● Day 4: Hellas Sat Company Visit (Monday 08/10 | 09:00-11:00) ● Day 5: Arduino Workshop (Tuesday 09/10 | 14:00-17:30 & 17:30-21:00) ● Day 6: Dr Gazeas - Space Talk (Wednesday 10/10 | 16:30-19:00) For more information:
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Report on the Results:  SPIN - Space Week took place between the 3rd and 10th of October, during the World Space Week, organized by SPIN - Space Innovation with the collaboration of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering NTUA, Corralia and the si-Cluster of Corallia. The activities of the event were driven from our purpose to give the chance to youth to educate themselves about the space technologies and learn how these ideas and practices can be implemented in the Greek Space Ecosystem through innovative programs and collaborations. The participation and the engagement of young people with different backgrounds were spectacular! More specifically, over 300 tickets were sold. The most significant participation accounted for Arduino Workshops that were sold out within a few days and the age group of 18 to 24 years old had the most delegates. Considering the online engagement, more than 400 people were informed and interacted with our online content in Facebook and the Page Views reached the number of 23.839 unique people. The percentage of women amounted to 49,2% of the total delegates. This important number shows the will and eager of both men and women to learn and discover the space technologies. SPIN - Space Week included 4 Arduino Workshops in which the participants learnt the basic features of the motherboard and had the chance to build their own Theremin. Following this, SPIN - Space Innovation activities and purpose were presented to the delegates. During the presentation, the first missile which was designed and built from Greek Universities’ students was launched. Participants experienced a guided tour at Hellas Sat’s Headquarters and involved in discussions considering topics about space and were met with technologies that give the ability to explore it. The last speech was given by Dr Gazeas who explored and presented the opportunities that Space Stations are offering for a more connected world. With SPIN - Space Week, we wanted to show that curiosity about space, exploration and learning are elements of our student community. The actions and the evolution of space technologies are located in the Universities' halls! We look forward to more events and even greater actions aimed at informing and educating young people, regardless of their studies, on space technologies.
Attendance:  400
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Media Impressions:  23839
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