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Event ID:  19901
Contact Name:  Sorin Sime
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +40740276103
Organization:  Liceul Teoretic ”Mihai Veliciu” Chișineu - Criș, Jud. Arad.
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Dates:  4th October 2018 to 10th October 2018
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Romania
State/Province:  Arad
City:  Chișineu - Criș
Location:  Liceul Teoretic ”Mihai Veliciu” Chișineu - Criș
Event Name:  The Universe in Children's Imagination (Exhibition)
Event Description:  On October 9, 2018, the exhibition of works of students of the 5th and 9th grades will be held, consisting of drawings, paintings, layouts and thematic plans, the solar system, the landscape and alien life, the conquests of space by humans. The works will take place between 4 and 8 October, and their exhibition will take 2-3 weeks after the event.
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Report on the Results:  It is an attraction to the astronomical field of children, the enrichment of the knowledge of the students participating in the project, but also of those who are just spectators. We want to promote creativity among children, and the result to motivate the next generation of students to engage in cosmic research.
Attendance:  80
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Media Impressions:  50
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