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Event ID:  21154
Contact Name:  Management Education in Sabia
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Contact Phone:  +966503786346
Organization:  Karamah School
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Dates:  4th October 2018 to 10th October 2018
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Saudi Arabia
State/Province:  Jizan
City:  Sabia
Event Name:  Space Week
Event Description:  We celebrate World Space Week at our school "The KARAMAH AL-AHMAR High School in a Sabia " under the title "Space Unites the World". The opening time will be during the beginning of the school day or in the middle. Many outstanding programs, participations, information and competitions will be presented during the ceremony.
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Report on the Results:  The scientific students team at Al Karama Al-Ahmar High School carried out a direct program with Dr. Ibrahim Kaddaf on space, astronomy and galaxies and their importance in human life. Man must be an active and attractive element in understanding the realities of this vast universe. And the interaction of students with him in an open dialogue about galaxies and the number of stars and their journey in the life of space The supervisor of the Astronomy and Space Program, Hussain Hanshli, has managed this program . And a radio program on Space Week organized by the science team at the school where they talked about the vast space created by God. And how the World Space Week began several years ago and evolved until the world was filled with new slogans and various and renewed events. Students read verses that speak about space, stars, the greatness of the Creator, the Hadith of Muhammad (peace be upon him), words about space and the unification of the world. An infographic video was shown on the social media showing the details of the only companion of our earth planet in this vast space, namely the moon, how it is made, and all the information about it. Supervised the meeting on astronomy and space program, Hussein Hanashli
Attendance:  365
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