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Organization:  TGP NOMINAL Podcast
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Dates:  6th October 2018 to 10th October 2018
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Country:  Global
Event Name:  TGP NOMINAL - World Space Week Podcast
Event Description:  In this special episode of TGP NOMINAL, Mark Taylor and John Berger are not only celebrating World Space Week, but they are celebrating the start of the 5th Season of TGP NOMINAL Podcast. That's Right, TGP NOMINAL is Five years old! (They grow up so fast) During this episode, Ross Hockham from UK Astronomy brings his unique look at the cosmos as he guides us through October Skies. Mark and Alan Taylor-Shearer interview the Space and Rock community during the inaugural Space Rocks event that took place at the IndigO2 in London earlier in the year. And Astronomy Author 'Richard J Bartlett' comes on board to chat with Mark and Ross and also answers questions that had been sent in from social media. There will be a few birthday messages from well wishers, ​thrown in for good measure,also. So buckle Up & brace yourself because, TGP NOMINAL Episode 5.1 is about to launch into the PODisphere!
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