Event ID:  21957
Contact Name:  Michał Kazimierczak
Contact Email:  magnes8@op.pl
Contact Phone:  + 48 782057518
Organization:  KMO Kolska Wyspa
Event Web Site:  Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 , Poniatowskiego 22
Dates:  8th October 2018 to 15th October 2018
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Poland
State/Province:  Wielkopolska
City:  Koło
Event Name:  EarthKAM Mission the Art Gallery
Event Description:  The students took part at the EarthKAM Mission organized by NASA and Sally Ride Team. They could take photos by the digital camera on board the International Space Station. We chose some beautiful photos and present them at school in the hall in October 8-15. The posters were disigned by the art teacher Wojciech Bukowiecki and computer graphic designer Adrian Szadkowski at the Art School in Koscielec. Over 250 students took part at the EarthKAM Mission 2012-2018. The Art Gallery is organized by the young explorers' club called KMO Kolska Wyspa leading by Michal Kazimierczak - physics teacher and Jaroslaw Galazka - psychologist.
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