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Event ID:  278
Contact Name:  Geri haracz
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  773 586-6910
Organization:  JAMfoudation/IFLY academy
Event Web Site:
Dates:  4th October 2007 to 11th October 2007
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
Start/End Type: 
Country:  United States
State/Province:  IL
City:  Chicago
Location:  Kelly HS and Adler Planetarium
Event Name:  Space Villages:Mars and the Moon
Event Description:  We will launch our year long building of our mobile villages at Kelly HS at 9:30 am in the science lab. (room 304) on Oct. 5th. Then, attend a program at the Adler Planetarium at 6 pm to meet Mr. French, one of the co-authors of In the Shadow of the Moon. On the 11th of Oct., at 8am Kelly HS, we will officially begin our villages by setting up our teams and sponsors.
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Report on the Results:  On Oct. 4th we launched our program at the Principal's breakfast which was broadcast to the whole school as well as to the parents of the school(school has 3200 students) . There were 38 parents at the breakfast meeting. On the 5th we met Mr. French. We completed our launch on the 11th by setting up our teams and beginning our building.
Attendance:  3200
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Media Impressions:  3200
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