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Event ID:  279
Contact Name:  Michelle Nichols
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  312-322-0520
Organization:  The Adler Planetarium
Event Web Site:  #
Dates:  5th October 2007 to 5th October 2007
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
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Country:  United States
State/Province:  IL
City:  Chicago
Location:  1300 S. Lake Shore Dr.
Event Name:  Far Out Friday
Event Description:  The Adler Planetarium is pleased to present a talk by Francis French at 7 p.m. Mr. French's talk will be about the world's first person to fly in space, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Gagarin's life was full of amazing experiences, including a harrowing childhood in World War II war-torn Russia. Mr. French features these and many more stories in two books that have been published by the University of Nebraska Press: 'Into that Silent Sea: Trailblazers of the Space Era, 1961-1965' and 'In the Shadow of the Moon: A Challenging Journey to Tranquility, 1965-1969'. Both books will be available from the Adler's Infinity Shop for signing by Mr. French immediately following his presentation. The presentation and book signing are offered with regular admission as part of the Adler's October Far Out Friday event which runs from 5 pm to 10 pm on October 5. See the Adler's website for more information and admission prices.
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