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Event ID:  28632
Contact Name:  Internation School Crnjanski
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Contact Phone:  0038162798799
Organization:  International School Crnjanski
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Dates:  4th October 2019 to 10th October 2019
Physical Event:  Yes
Type:  Public
Start/End Type:  Both Starts and Ends During WSW
Country:  Serbia
State/Province:  Serbia
City:  Jagodina
Address:  Cocetova 3M
Location:  International School Crnjanski
Event Name:  Space Explorers
Event Description:  Students and their teachers are gonna make a model of solar system.First they will paint the planets, then put them in right order and finally connect the solar system to an electrical motor. After the have finished the model they will split in groups. Each group needs to make a power point presentation about different planet and exchange the knowledge. Final part of the activity will be space themed math world problem activity. Students will need to help astronauts by decoding QR codes, finding clues and solving the problems.
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Report on the Results:  Regarding the celebration of World Space Week in the period from 4th to 10th October, 2019 in International School „Crnjanski“ the series of thematically coordinated activities was organized. One of the central activities under the title „Researchers of Planet“ involved the formation of work groups that, under the mentorship of teachers, presented the significant information they obtained while collecting and researching the chosen planets. Each group presented their planet and exchanged the experience with other student groups. The groups were formed based on their random choice of one of the offered pictures, and in the same way the selection of mentors that would coordinate the work of groups was performed. At Art classes, we organized with students of 3rd and 4th grade an artistic workshop “Observatory” within which the students, by using artistic technique of calcimine showed the Solar System from their point of view. For the students of 1st and 2nd grade a creative linguistic and artistic workshop was organized under the title “Space linguistic word search” within which the students had an artistic task, using calcimine, to show the sky on the prepared base with protective bands. By splatter technique the stars were shown and after eliminating protective bands the words that imply Space week were written. The theme of Space week was integrated in the regular classes of both National and Cambridge program. At Cambridge classes, the students researched space travelling, they calculated their age on different planets, they learned about famous astronauts and the first people in space and on the Moon, the researched the International Space Station and at the end obtained the certificates on successful Jr. Astronaut training that they passed together with their Cambridge teachers. Through the activity of “By Math steps through the space“ the students had the opportunity to solve differentiated math tasks and in that way to find out various interesting facts about space. Special emphasis was put on creative and thematically coordinated homework assignments on weekly level within which the theme of Space week was incorporated in the teaching contents of not only Math, but also the classes of Serbian language and World Around Us, i.e. Science and Social studies. The theme of space, certainly, did not bypass German language classes. The students of 1st and 2nd grade worked on the development of panel with the theme of Space week, they successfully learned and interpreted the songs in German, while the students of 2nd and 3rd grade colored Lunar phases. The final activity by which the systematization of knowledge on the planets of Solar System was performed was the „QR space championship“. This activity implied the correlation of the mentioned subjects with the PE and Health classes. At the city Stadium, for the students of our school, the polygon was of dexterity and speed was prepared within which the world championship in the search of QR codes was realized. By scanning the codes the students discovered the questions and tasks by which the global repetition of the content and data collected within previously realized activities was carried out. The complete material of students' work at the workshops was united within the exhibition board in the school hall, while the material in digital form is available to the public via social networks on the official School pages.
Attendance:  30
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Media Impressions:  10
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