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Event ID:  2866
Contact Name:  VietAstro
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Contact Phone:  +84 918 19 05 07
Organization:  Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club (HAAC)
Event Web Site:
Dates:  9th September 2011 to 9th October 2011
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Vietnam
State/Province:  Ho Chi Minh Municipality
City:  Ho Chi Minh City
Location:  Ho Chi Minh City
Event Name:  Writing Contest on theme '50 Years of Human Spaceflight'
Event Description:  "50 năm chinh phục không gian" - Tuần lễ Vũ trụ thế giới 2011 *Time: October 1-22nd, 2011 *For highschool students throughout Viet Nam
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Report on the Results:  The Writing Contest lasted for one month and received over 90 qualified writings throughout Viet Nam, from postal ones to emails, which meet the requirements from the organising board, Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club (HAAC). The two key criterias were the accuracy of information mentioned and writing ability. It was quite a challenge for participant because of the width of the topic: 50 Years of Human Spaceflight. Over all, there were top 5 writings into the final round. These were not only copiable versions from any sites or any books but also the feelings inspired by the passion for astronomy. The organising board later announced the winners. There were no champions but only a second prize to DINH Hoang Minh, student of Binh Duong University, Binh Duong Province; the third prize was given to TRAN Minh Huy, student from Quang Nam Province. Moreover, the organising board decided to give a special prize for the youngest contestant, PHAM Ca Dat, grade 3 student from Ha Noi. Besides, the soonest participants were also given a souvenir for each from Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club (HAAC). We would love to express our sincere thanks to all the participants. Your attendance are valuable contribution to the success of World Space Week 2011 and World Space Week 2011 in Vietnam, in specific. See you in the following events. See you in World Space Week 2012!
Attendance:  90
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Media Impressions:  400000
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