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Event ID:  2875
Contact Name:  Mosoiu Anca
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Contact Phone:  +40341405849
Organization:  Scoala cu clasele I-VIII "Gheorghe Titeica"
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Dates:  4th October 2011 to 10th October 2011
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
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Country:  Romania
State/Province:  Constanta
City:  Constranta
Location:  Strada Flamanda nr.13
Event Name:  Astronaut For a Day
Event Description:  It has become a tradition for our school “Gherghe Titeica” to take part in the celebration of the fascinating world of space during the World Space Week. The little ones will have interesting workshops, creating various designs of planes and spaceships of colourful paper (wrappers, hard-paper, old newspapers and magazines). Some of them will make models of rockets and space shuttles using balloons and hard paper. All their creations will be assessed by a committee during a quality testing. Students aged 10-15 will design models of space colonies using their own ideas to create alternative sources of energy.They will also write stories/poems to celebrate the history of space travel. All age groups will make pictures/drawings to illustrate the topic of this celebration.
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Report on the Results:  It has been three years since School Gheorghe Titeica, in Constanta, started celebrating World Space Week between the 4th and 10th of October, through different activities. This week has become a tradition in our school, as our students are fascinated by the world of space and interested in both showing what they know about the subject and applying this knowledge. Once again they proved to be eager to find out more on this topic. It does not come as a surprise that everyone, starting with the youngest children, in the first grade and ending with the more experienced ones, in the eighth grade had something to say, prove or show, under the supervision of the one who implemented the project in school, librarian Anca Mosoiu. The activities this year had an interdisciplinary approach to the Universe, which motivated our students more and also led to spectacular products created by each of them. So, after the children in classes I A and IE, led by teachers Nuran Veli and Daniela Machedon, watched the amazing story of the first adventures of space travel and knew Iuri Gagarin and Dumitru Prunariu, presented in a ppt format in the school library, they used their colours and exploited the resources of their imagination to make a picture on the topic” Teddy goes to Space”. Sudents of grades III B, teacher Neli Dimancea, IV D, teacher Mirela Cotoarba and IV E, teacher Marioara Gospodin entered a competition, challenging their creative skills in making different works, such as model planes of different recycled materials, in which they put not only a lot of passion, but also a little message addressed to the person who is to receive the plane gone with the wind. Students of class IV B, led by teacher Paraschiva Alecu took part in a workshop- a debate on the topic of the Universe, where they presented various details on space travel and then they competed against each other in making model rockets. Students in secondary school, grades V to VIII, were also involved in various activities and created ppt presentations, pictures and compositions on the topic of space, in an attempt to answer the questions that people have been asking for centuries, using their innocent ideas and dreams in verse or epic. They were coordinated by teachers Emilia Cadar, Dorina Foroglu, Adina Netedu and Melania Gabur. As always, World Space Week is a project that brings something fresh and new at the beginning of a school year, proving again that extracurricular activities can be not only interesting, but also challenging and motivating for our students.
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